kids @ up!

We are excited to offer a range of unique programs here at Up! Athletic especially for primary school aged children. We plan to grow this offering into an even wider range of classes and workshops and welcome students from any primary school.

We run sessions both here at the Up! Athletic and at Elwood Primary School. Parents are welcome to stay for the duration, but these are designed to be an after-school care program, so your attendance isn't required. 

We also have a "kids@up!" Facebook group so feel free to keep up to date there. Just email Jules to get involved -


Kids Classes

Girls in Sport  

"Girls in Sport" is a multi-sport program that builds confidence, sporting skills, teamwork and friendship through fun activities, drills and games for girls Prep to Grade 4 at Elwood Primary School each Wednesday afternoon in School term. This program has been team sport focused historically, however we are introducing more and more activities and individual pursuits to the program. Our primary motivation is to get your little one keen to move in one way or another, every single day. Netball, Obstacle courses, Soccer, Elastics, Monkey bars, AFL, La Crosse, Yoga, Handstands.. You name it.  

Registrations still open for term 4 2017.

Athletic Club  

Learn the finer skills required for both Track and Field events. Focused weekly coaching to build skills and confidence. Correct running technique being a strong focus for the group. A non competitive environment suits a mix of ages and abilities. It's all about setting some great PB's and working towards individual improvements. Held each Monday afternoon in School term at Elwood Primary School and open to Grade 1 to 6.

Starts January 2018.

Kids Workshops

How to be a Zen Ninja 

Where Karate meets Meditation with an obstacle challenge thrown in for good measure - Your little person can learn to move with control and strength, consideration and sharpen their own body weight skills. They will get their crazy out, while learning how to centre themselves, pull their punches, push their limits and get really strong and a bit zen in the process. Held at St Kilda Life Saving Club and open to Grade 1 to Grade 4. 

February 2018 - Exact date TBA. Email to register interest.

Break Dancing 

Ok B-boys and B-girls! Let's learn some moves from some of Melbourne's best in our 3 week short course. Held at St Kilda Life Saving Club and open to Grade 1 to Grade 6. 

December 2018 - Exact date TBA. Email to register interest.