st kilda life saving club

partnering with Melbourne's finest lifesaving organisation

St Kilda Life Saving Club was founded in 1914 and helps keep Victoria's most popular beach safe. The organisation is a non-for-profit run by volunteers and occupying a central location in one of the premier tourist areas of Melbourne. The core business of St Kilda LSC is serving the community and honouring traditions built over 100 years of life saving at St Kilda Beach.

St Kilda Life Saving Club has partnered with Up! Athletic to offer health and wellness solutions for their members and also the wider community. The Club's stunning location make it a perfect fit for a variety of fitness classes which have the benefit of assisting members with their training.

You can help St Kilda Life Saving Club by joining Up! Athletic as a member or coming to some of our weekly classes. Money raised by these events allow the St Kilda Life Saving Club to provide their incredible patrol and education services (and their members prepare for carnivals at Up! Athletic by receiving the best health treatments in Melbourne!).

Email Melissa for more information about becoming a foundation member of Up! Athletic or you can check out our timetables page and come along to a class!


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