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LAST Summer Community Ice Bath 

Come and learn about the benefits of ice therapy, practice breath work techniques & experience our Community Ice Bath with Wim Hof instructor Mark Kluwer.

Health benefits include body fat reduction, reduced inflammation, boosting of your immune system, lymphatic system improvements as well as positively impacting on depression.

When: Saturday 3rd March, 9am - 11:30am

Where: UP! Athletic at St Kilda Life Saving Club

Cost: $33.57 (Limited tickets available)

Bookings: TBC

Enquiries: melissa@upathletic.com.au




The Girls Yoga Tribe event brings together a group of girls aged 6 - 10 y/olds to MOVE, MAKE and be MINDFUL.

You'll learn different yoga sequences, positions and challenging postures and working together as a tribe would, you will create your own inspired Girls Tribe Sequence. I’ll be there to supporting you along the way. We'll discuss how our minds feel before and after FUN movement, yoga games and quiet meditation, really honing in on our ability to describe our own emotions and to encourage confidence.

When: Sunday 25th February 10am - 11:30am 

Where: UP! Athletic at St Kilda Life Saving Club

Cost: $30

Bookings: http://moveandmake.net/new-yoga-private/reserve-a-mat