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We are Up! Athletic. We are a bunch of passionate and committed health professionals. Trainers, Coaches, Osteopaths, Nutritionists, Yoga teachers, Psychologists and all round general life enthusiasts! We offer the health and wellness services to the St Kilda Life Saving Club members and the broader community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based around connecting people. Bringing people together in a positive environment. Helping people make the move towards a fitter, healthier, happier, more balanced self. 

Our vision is to build the St Kilda Life Saving Club into a true community hub and we plan to do this by offering a huge variety of activities to a diverse range of people. All of our activities are based in health and within a positive atmosphere. We believe in forming communities within communities.

Up! Athletic's goal is to provide our community with inspiration to set new, more incredible goals for themselves. Encouragement to apply themselves wholeheartedly to the training required to get them there. Tools, treatments, resources and knowledge to improve their chance of success and, in the process, a lot of good, sweaty fun.


We are not a gym. We are a club. A health and wellness club. A Life improving club, within a Life Saving Club. We are Up! Athletic.

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